bio blue


Acid Blue Solution as an adjunct to Vitreo-retinal surgery

Bio Blue 90 is a sterile, pyrogen free, non-toxic, isotonic and ready to use solution of Acid Blue 90 or Brilliant Blue G (a non-fluorescent triphenylmethane stain) with effective staining properties. A sterile single use 27G CE marked cannula is provided with each syringe.


Acid Blue (Brilliant Blue G) Content (0.025% w/v)


Ready to use sterile solution – no mixing or filteration is required

Better Biocompatibility – a more favorable safety profile

Better affinity to ILM and low affinity to ERM and hence better visualization of ILM leading to ease of peeling during macular hole and pucker surgery

Facilitates the successful creation of CCC (Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis)

Better handling

No adverse effect-Better Retinal Tolerance

No side reaction such as photo induced cross linking of collagen fibres

Easy to remove the redundant product from the eye


Bio Blue 90 is used for better visualization of Epiretinal Membrane during Macular Hole and Pucker surgery. It has good affinity for ILM and facilitates its peeling. It is also an effective and safe capsular staining for Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis.


Supplied in 0.5 ml PFS, BD Luer-lock Syringe with Cannula