Biotech Healthcare is a leading ophthalmic products manufacturer and markets its range of products through a well-established national and international distribution network, providing the vision care industry with ophthalmic products and technologies of the highest quality.

With development of over 25 ophthalmic products in last 19 years, Biotech aims to provide a complete product range to its customer in ophthalmology domain. Biotech Healthcare continues to grow in foreign markets, especially in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


Optiflex Trio

OPTIFLEX TRIO is diffractive-refractive trifocal intraocular lens used for presbyopia correction. Its unique diffraction pattern gives balanced light distribution at all distances and results in spectacle independence for vision.

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The refractive product range covers a wide spectrum of products including Corneal crosslinking product range, Phakic intraocular lenses and intra stromal rings


“In my four years of experience with Eyecryl Phakic & Eyecryl Phakic Toric lenses, I haven’t had an incidence of cataract formation. So far, 90% of patients achieve 20/25 or better at three months post-operatively. Even one day after the surgery, the patients are very happy and excited about the results.”

Dr. Baha ToygarTurkey

“EYECRYL TORIC lens stands out among other toric lenses in the market because of its excellent rotational stability (within 3 degrees); material (natural yellow chromophore); and design (single-piece optimized ‘C’ loop), which provides excellent centration and a very predictable & effective lens position.”

Dr Sri GaneshIndia

“Because of its unique design, EYECRYLACTV lens produce very few contrast sensitivity alterations. Probably 90-95% of patients are free of eyeglasses after surgery. Very few have mild visual symtoms at night, auch as halos or glare.”

Dr. PaparoColombia

“The Eyecryl PHAKIC IOL allows any cataract surgeon to start a refractive practice without investing in costly laser systems. The technique is easy to learn and with great  visual outcomes attained on post-op day 1. A great WOW effect for both patients and surgeons.”

Dr. Harvey UyPhilippines